“Plain and simple action separates a 'Star Salesman’ .

He merely does what you know you need to do … but don’t do.”

                                                                  William Clement Stone

Bespoke Continous professional development (CPD) Workshops -Highly trained and able staff give a business an edge. And in a difficult climate like the current one, you can arguably benefit more from training simply because many of your weaker competitors won’t be keeping up.  Upgrading the skills of your workforce can boost efficiency, increase morale, develop new areas of expertise to sell and contribute to retaining key people.

But investment only creates real impact if the training is truly appropriate to your business and its staff.

How much time and effort are you investing in the selling skills of your sales people? In today's competitive world, are you giving them the skills they need to beat their competitors and their sales targets?

     They add  sustainable value to our customers' business, through building long-term relationships, working together with their people, and becoming an integral part of their ongoing growth and development strategies.

In our experience, selling skills need to be constantly updated and reinforced. This is why at Rainbow Success  we have developed a fantastic range of workshops designed to help improve performance of your salespeople  and repositioning your strategies to get maximum impact towards your bottom line.

These can be tailor-made to the audience and needs of your organisation.

• Mastering influence

• Buyer behaviour

• Sales planning

• Questioning skills

• Dealing with objections

• Closing the sale

• Negotiation skills

• Traits of a Star Salesman

• Sales in recession

• How to raise your profile

Bespoke Workshops : At Rainbow Success for every confirmed 5 full days of In house training,

we offer half day bespoke workshop free of cost !

Call us on 0207 488 0429 or email us at info@rainbowsuccess.com  to find out how Rainbow Success can assist you in creating extraordinary outcomes  

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