Power of Presenting -This programme is designed for senior management.

We provide one to one coaching, workshops, exercises and on going support for specific


Our programmes unleash  the inner potential of the senior executives and we bring out their

‘magnificence ‘

Programmes include:

1.   Presenting to Win - the technique, style and strategy as suited to our client’s personality and

      the target audience. We can help you develop and deliver dynamic presentations for all kinds of  

      communication scenarios.

2.  The Art of story telling  - how  to create impact and increase audience recall

3.  Overcoming negative decisions and installing confidence - we use specific techniques to

     overcome any past programming that is an obstacle to creating a successful presenter.

4.   In the line of Fire - how  to handle tough questions when it counts and remain assertive.

5.   Public Speaking skills - whether you are a CEO or senior manager we train you with

      skills that will take you  to the top of your game.  We offer bespoke two day training programmes

     that will help you deliver confident public speeches.


   “It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech”

                                                                                                                 Mark Twain


Call us on 0207 488 0429 or email us at info@rainbowsuccess.com  to find out how Rainbow Success can assist you in creating extraordinary outcomes  

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