Leadership, like coaching, is fighting for the hearts and souls of men and getting them to believe in you.’

A true leader can make such a massive difference in creating a positive impact on people and motivate them to take actions towards the agreed goals . He is passionate about finding ways to actively engage their team members to bring out their best potential . A good leader is also continually testing their own motivation and improving awareness on how their personality and behaviour impacts on others.

At Rainbow success, our leadership programmes focus on Sales leaders who we often find are promoted from within  . For example ,a high performing senior sales executive may be rewarded to take on the responsibilities of a team leader and grow into a sales manager.

However, the skills required to self manage can be quite different from those critical in managing others.

We are therefore able to offer specialized training , one to one business coaching and on going mentoring programmes enabling and equipping  this layer of sales management to effectively perform the vital and influential role in managing and inspiring its team members

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 “Example is not the main thing in influencing                  

                 others, it is the only thing.”


                                       Albert Schweitzer

We run  the following programmes:

Enabling Leadership

Effective Team Leadership

Power of Presenting

The First 90 Days

Our Packages

Key Stages of Designing Programmes

All of our training programmes are customised and developed to the specific needs of our clients. Whether it is a one-off training event or as part of an ongoing business development strategy,

We have five key steps for success:-

• Establish the Training & Development Needs

• Design & Develop the Training Material

• Deliver in a Motivational, Interactive & Fun Manner

• Measure and Evaluate the Success

• Recommend Ongoing Support Strategies

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Home. Mastering Sales. Leadership. Coaching. Change. Seminars. Testimonials. Blog.